27 February 2016

Finola & Dane - Wedding - Ewingsdale Hall, Byron Bay, NSW

Finola and Dane met at the beach and shared their first real date one magical evening at the beach; the night sky filled with shooting stars, the water glistened with phosphorescense, it truly seemed like the universe was applauding their love!  As do their friends and family!

It would have been appropriate for Finola and Dane to exchange their vows at the beach but mother nature had other plans in the form of ex-tropical Cyclone Winston influencing our weather with winds up to 35 k's an hour.  Changing venues was disappointing for the bride and groom but the decision was an easy one when it came to keeping their friends and family safe and comfortable.  Instead the bride and groom shared a private moment down at their favourite beach before making their entrance together to the music and voices of Finola's talented family.

The ceremony celebrated their commitment and love, recognising that marriage requires the ability to remain open to change and to learn and grow whilst travelling their winding and intertwined paths of life.

Wind is the spiritual and vital breath of the universe, stirring stagnant energies, it symbolizes the act of change; bringing in the new and sweeping out the old - a very lucky sign for our newly weds as they head off to a new abode, new jobs and the anticipation of starting a family of their own!

Photos thanks to Andy

"Thanks so much for making the ceremony so special. I’m so appreciative that you were our celebrant! - couldn’t have hoped for anyone else. I feel like you ‘got us’ and were able to capture that in the ceremony and in the way that you approached everything with us.  The day was so special, even if so many things didn’t happen as anticipated - believe me, the beach was only a small part of it! - many other changes and blips but the main thing was that Dane and me felt connected and were surrounded by lots of good people. Thanks also to Andy. You’re both wonderful!"💜 Finola & Dane

17 February 2016

Alyssa & Byron - Wedding - Byron Bay, NSW

Alyssa and Byron chose to celebrate the anniversary of the first time they kissed and said the words 'I love you' out loud with a wedding ceremony publicly affirming their continued love and commitment.

Seven children dressed in white and waving ribbon wands, lead the bride and groom to the ceremonial arch.  The ceremony celebrated their deep connection of friendship, their passion for art and creating, their family and their shared dreams for the future ahead.  They quoted from Kermit and The Muppets "life's like a movie, write your own ending, keep believing, keep pretending ..." and that is exactly what they intend to keep doing.

The children carried with them scrolls, each bearing a precious gift; the gift of music, of love, of laughter, the gift of friendship, the gift of wonder, of unity and the gift of fulfilment. Each child was called up in turn and the gifts were read aloud to the bride and groom.

Some way through the ceremony a baby brown snake slithered over the feet of the groom who was unshod - all those gathered gasped in horror and then breathed a sigh of relief as we watched the snake disappear without incident.  Throughout history snakes have had many legends surrounding them, linking them to creation, fertility, transformation, life force and primal energy.  The snake is a powerful and positive symbol, a protector and guardian.  It is said that if a snake comes into your life your creative forces are awakening, your intuition will strengthen and be more accurate ... Alyssa and Byron, what a wonderful portent for your future as you ready yourselves to move to France to pursue your creative career together!

The 'wand wavers' and 'gift givers'
Photos curtesy Andy
On a deeper level a snake shedding it's skin symbolizes death and rebirth, an idea which is depicted by the image of a snake swallowing its own tail, a symbol of eternity.
Photo curtesy the world wide web

14 January 2016

Theo & Valerie - Wedding - The Pinnacle, Border Ranges National Park, NSW

A short walk through rainforest led us to The Pinnacle Lookout.  Standing on the caldera looking out and over the tree lined rim of the extinct volcano with uninterrupted views of Sphinx Rock, Mt. Warning and the sea beyond. Butterflies flew about our heads, blessing us with their presence.  Butterflies are a spiritual symbol of our power to make a choice to choose our way of being, to choose our path and our destiny, they are symbols of grace and beauty and inspire a feeling of being totally set free...

With only two friends in attendance, the bride and groom chose to exchange their vows and celebrate their love and commitment with an intimate ceremony.  Their vows telling a story of a love that was deep and resilient; about how they met, keeping their friendship at the heart of their relationship, laughing and having fun, how together they could face any adversity and revel in their successes,  about how they compliment each other, support each other and make each other happy, they told of their journey together so far, their future together and how amazing it was to be travelling on the same path to discover the world, to grow and learn and do it together.

The bride and groom kitted out with walking and wedding attire

We toasted the newly weds with a glass or two of champagne and Andy got a little 'arty' with the props - thanks for the photos Andy x