14 January 2016

Theo & Valerie - Wedding - The Pinnacle, Border Ranges National Park, NSW

A short walk through rainforest led us to The Pinnacle Lookout.  Standing on the caldera looking out and over the tree lined rim of the extinct volcano with uninterrupted views of Sphinx Rock, Mt. Warning and the sea beyond. Butterflies flew about our heads, blessing us with their presence.  Butterflies are a spiritual symbol of our power to make a choice to choose our way of being, to choose our path and our destiny, they are symbols of grace and beauty and inspire a feeling of being totally set free...

With only two friends in attendance, the bride and groom chose to exchange their vows and celebrate their love and commitment with an intimate ceremony.  Their vows telling a story of a love that was deep and resilient; about how they met, keeping their friendship at the heart of their relationship, laughing and having fun, how together they could face any adversity and revel in their successes,  about how they compliment each other, support each other and make each other happy, they told of their journey together so far, their future together and how amazing it was to be travelling on the same path to discover the world, to grow and learn and do it together.

The bride and groom kitted out with walking and wedding attire

We toasted the newly weds with a glass or two of champagne and Andy got a little 'arty' with the props - thanks for the photos Andy x

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