27 February 2016

Finola & Dane - Wedding - Ewingsdale Hall, Byron Bay, NSW

Finola and Dane met at the beach and shared their first real date one magical evening at the beach; the night sky filled with shooting stars, the water glistened with phosphorescense, it truly seemed like the universe was applauding their love!  As do their friends and family!

It would have been appropriate for Finola and Dane to exchange their vows at the beach but mother nature had other plans in the form of ex-tropical Cyclone Winston influencing our weather with winds up to 35 k's an hour.  Changing venues was disappointing for the bride and groom but the decision was an easy one when it came to keeping their friends and family safe and comfortable.  Instead the bride and groom shared a private moment down at their favourite beach before making their entrance together to the music and voices of Finola's talented family.

The ceremony celebrated their commitment and love, recognising that marriage requires the ability to remain open to change and to learn and grow whilst travelling their winding and intertwined paths of life.

Wind is the spiritual and vital breath of the universe, stirring stagnant energies, it symbolizes the act of change; bringing in the new and sweeping out the old - a very lucky sign for our newly weds as they head off to a new abode, new jobs and the anticipation of starting a family of their own!

Photos thanks to Andy

"Thanks so much for making the ceremony so special. I’m so appreciative that you were our celebrant! - couldn’t have hoped for anyone else. I feel like you ‘got us’ and were able to capture that in the ceremony and in the way that you approached everything with us.  The day was so special, even if so many things didn’t happen as anticipated - believe me, the beach was only a small part of it! - many other changes and blips but the main thing was that Dane and me felt connected and were surrounded by lots of good people. Thanks also to Andy. You’re both wonderful!"💜 Finola & Dane

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  1. It's the perfect place for a reception -- before or after the event, with plenty of space for people to move around. The DC wedding venues are large with room for plenty of tables. There is a stage to the right side of the room, where your presenters can be seen or the bride and groom can take their vows.