Ceremony & Legal Requirements

The Ceremony 

Your marriage ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day where you make a declaration of love and commitment to one another before family and friends.  Every ceremony is special and should celebrate your own unique love story.  I am happy to create a ceremony for you or with my help you could have fun creating your own ceremony, taking the opportunity to reflect more deeply upon your life journey together so far and into the future. 

The ceremony we create together can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish.  You may like to include poetry or readings, ring blessings, rituals including: handfasting, unity candle, sand ceremony etc...  You can     be assured your ceremony will be one that tells your own love story.  

Legal Requirements

The Notice of Intended Marriage (nim) form is a legal document that must be completed, witnessed and given to me at least one month and one day (but not more than 18 months) prior to the ceremony.  You can download this free two page form from the Attorney General's web site - www.ag.gov.au or I can email the form to you.  I will need to sight original copies of your birth certificates (overseas passports are okay for visitors) and if applicable, divorce papers or death certificate.

Commitment Ceremony

For same sex couples or couples wishing to make a commitment to one another in a public celebration of their shared life and love with family and friends.  

Renewal of Vows

For couples who have married overseas and wish to renew their vows inviting family and friends to share in the occasion or for couples wishing to celebrate a special anniversary with a memorable ceremony that rejoices the continuance of a journey that shall take a lifetime to complete.

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